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Christoph Gotting – master violin maker 

Like the best old instruments, Götting violins have the potential to survive generations of musicians and will surely be passed on from one to the next.

Between 1964 and 1967 I served my apprenticeship at the long-established School of Violin Making in Mittenwald, Germany. After the first journeyman year in Switzerland I joined in 1969 the workshops of J. & A. Beare in London where I stayed until 1990. During a break from there in 1974 I obtained my Master Diploma as a violin maker in Mittenwald for which I received a Gold Medal. I rejoined the Beare workshop and became one of their principal craftsmen.

Over my 21 years of work at this renowned establishment I was privileged to restore and study numerous precious antique instruments. Among these were a number by Stradivari. This was an invaluable experience for my later career. A few restorations during this time remain very memorable for me. Probably the most famous violin I was privileged to restore in our workshop was the so-called “Gibson” Stradivari of 1713, also known as the “Huberman”. The story of the “Huberman” has inspired a novel by the French writer Frédéric Chaudière, himself a violin maker.

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Christoph Götting – CV

  • 1948 born in Wiesbaden, Germany to a musical family

  • 1964 –1967 studied violin making at “Fachschule für Geigenbau” in Mittenwald to diploma level

  • 1968 worked for E. Dittrich in Bern, Switzerland

  • 1969 joined J. and A. Beare in London

  • Weiße Geige
  • 1974 returned to Mittenwald to take his masters degree and graduated as master violin maker with honours

  • Autumn 1974 rejoined the Beare workshop and became one of their principal craftsmen

  • Renovated an 18th century granary in Hampshire to use as a workshop

  • 1990 finally left Beares and started own business in Hampshire

  • Has made over 80 instruments to date and performed intensive and successful research on violin varnish


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